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ST MODULAR - OBERHAUSEN (Complex Oscillator)

ST Modular OBERHAUSEN is a CEM3340 based Dual Voltage Controlled Analog Oscillator designed to create a wide range of complex waveforms. It wasn't designed to offer the most perfect waveforms, but definitely ones with lots of character and grit. OBERHAUSEN features two principle oscillators and two modulation oscillators. Both principal oscillators offer five different waveforms. Each waveform´s level can be adjusted with a dedicated volume slide potentiometer and is available at a separate output jack. The sum of the OSC1 and OSC2 waveforms can be blended either manually with the large potentiometer in the middle of the module or via CV and is available at the main OUT socket. Each sum is also supplied at the OSC1 and OSC2 output jacks separately (after BLEND).


OSC1 (Principal Oscillator)
NOISE - White Noise with a fixed high pass filter at 320Hz.
SUB - Two Sub-octave waves based on the SAWTOOTH waveform. They can be activated individually with the SUB -1 and SUB-2 switches.
PULSE - PULSE waveform with adjustable PULSE-WIDTH via PW knob or CV with a dedicated attenuator PWM CV.
TRI/SAW - Either a TRIANGLE or SAWTOOTH waveform according to the TRI/SAW switch.
TONE - Accentuates either low or high frequencies of all OSC1 waveforms.
FM - FM input for either EXPONENTIAL or LINEAR FM, adjustable via FM switch (mid position is off).
V/OCT - 1V per octave input and a precision duplicate output of the incoming CV signal for further external processing.
FRONT PANEL CALIBRATION & GAIN - A trimmer potentiometer for V/OCT tuning and OSC GAIN is located on