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KLANGMASCHINE is a powerful tool for creating a wide range of sounds, from simple sine waves to complex and evolving textures. It combines two simple frequency modulated synthesizers to create a very powerful and versatile digital sound source. 


Description / Manual

FREQUENCY MODULATION (FM) SYNTHESIS is a method of sound synthesis that uses the modulation of the frequency of one waveform by another waveform to create complex and evolving timbres. FM synthesis uses a modulator waveform to modulate the frequency of a carrier waveform. The frequency of the modulator is usually in the audio range, while the frequency of the carrier determines the pitch of the resulting sound.


On both sides of the module are the parameter controls for the FM voices. The sliding potentiometers control FM AMT, FM FREQUENCY and PITCH. Each parameter can be voltage controlled. Attenuators control the amount of incoming CV. If nothing is connected to the CV inputs, the above CV attenuators change the response curve of the parameter sliders. Above the sliders is a TONE control, which lets you emphasize either low or high harmonics, and a VOLUME control, which affects only the MIX OUT. Connect your pitch CV to the V/OCT to play notes. The left V/OCT input is normalized to the right.


In addition to the two synthesizer voices, there is a volume control to add white noise to the MIX OUT.


You can either listen to the oscillators individually at the OUT jacks, or tap a mix of all three sound sources at the MIX OUT. If you connect an envelope CV to the VCA CV input, you can control an internal VCA. If no envelope CV is connected to the VCA CV input, the LED lights dimly to indicate that all three voices are being output at the MIX OUT. As the level rises, the LED indicates the volume level. If a patch cord is connected to VCA CV without CV, the LED is off to indicate that no signal is being output. If the VCA is opened via CV, the LED again shows the volume level.



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    key features

    • 2 Voice FM Synthesizer plus Noise Generator

    • CV over all FM Parameters

    • Tone Control

    • Internal VCA

    • Internal Mixer

    • Individual Outputs

    • Wrong Polarity Protection



    • width: 16 HP
    • depth: 28 mm

    • power: 98 mA @ +12V / 56 mA @ -12V